Global Risk and Crisis Management Strategies

image001image002May 10, 2016


George Mason University

4031 University Drive, Suite 100 – Fairfax, VA 22030

Risk has gone regular.  No longer are crises a remote possibility, especially when overseas.  Global Situation Room’s Brett Bruen will conduct an intensive half-day seminar offering sophisticated strategies for assessing and responding to global risk and crises.  Companies will learn how to build a Counter-Crisis Management (CCM) program to reframe, not just respond to emerging issues.  CCM helps businesses to identify their vulnerabilities early and develop reputational countermeasures that can be immediately deployed in the event of an incident. The seminar shows how to go beyond crisis plans and procedures into the creation of programs that will change the course of crises.  These trainings with the White House’s former Director of Global Engagement offer a unique opportunity to gain a comparative advantage in increasingly uncertain times and an intensely competitive global marketplace.

Read Brett’s article on about Hollywood, high-profile companies, and the need to develop more effective cyber security countermeasures.

Space is limited.  Reserve your spot today.  Course fees are deductible for tax purposes.

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9AM – 12PM: Global Risk and Crisis Management Strategies

  •  Risk Course Slide 1Goals:
    • Ability to analyze global risks and vulnerabilities
    • Prepare effective counter measures
    • Strategies to successfully deploy programs as the signs of crisis begin to emerge
  • Origins of crises
    • Thesis: Crises don’t start out of thin air
      • Identification of early indicators is essential
      • Engagement, not crisis response is the easiest and most effective way to resolve an emerging incident
    • Causes of crises
      • Organization’s oversight
      • Individual’s action
      • Exogenous events
    • Trajectories of crises
  • Risk Course Slide 2What are crisis counter measures?
    • Origins at the National Security Council
    • Principal features
      • Determine the vulnerabilities & risks
      • Develop a program or tool ahead of time
      • Decide when to intervene and with what counter measure
      • Deploy quickly and target toward a very specific outcome
  • Process for leading their creation
    • Building buy-in
    • Studying past, present, and probable challenges
    • Planning a program, not a procedure
  • Counter crisis case studies
    • Successful
    • Less-successful
    • Takeaways
  • Moving out on development of a counter-crisis programs