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The Global Situation Room®, Inc. (GSR) is a consulting firm specializing in innovative internationalization of companies and organizations.  GSR utilizes diplomatic tradecraft to develop unrivaled market research, precision strategic communications solutions, & crisis management informed by experience addressing major global challenges.  Former American diplomat and White House Director of Global Engagement Brett Bruen leads GSR.  The firm draws on the exceptional experience of several former ambassadors and government leaders.  Whether you are looking for expert international insights, seek sophisticated strategic communications counsel, or in need of comprehensive crisis management skills, GSR offers you world-class capabilities that change the paradigm of what’s globally possible.

An Entrepreneurial President in the Age of Extremism

By: Brett Bruen

time-logo-ogEntrepreneurship will ultimately erode much of the energy fueling ISIS. Just like American music penetrated through the Iron Curtain, so, too, shall innovation steadily infiltrate the ranks of extremism and those who would provide it sanctuary. As in the Cold War, this invisible influence does not work in isolation. It reaches where our weapons cannot. It embeds itself where repressive ideologies took root and slowly shows how to replace fear with hope. When historians look back at what sapped support from our adversaries, President Obama’s work to push the frontiers of entrepreneurship around the world will be credited as a principal accelerator of their demise.  Read more

“We’ve done some rather irreparable harm…to Americans’ core beliefs in the principles, the people, the institutions…”

canadian press“Brett Bruin, who once worked as the director of global engagement for U.S. President Barack Obama and now works as a consultant for businesses setting up outside the United States, said Canada is a particularly appealing destination for Americans whose political views skew to the left.  The prospect of a Trump presidency is a likely factor in the exodus of American workers heading north, he said, while conceding that the polarizing election has likely motivated some of Hillary Clinton’s detractors to cast their employment nets a little wider as well.” Read more

“As President, You Can’t Say One Thing Overseas & Another at Home”


GSR’s Brett Bruen was a guest on the Voice of America’s Washington Forum talk show.  He told host Tatiana Moss that Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico raised issues about his readiness to successfully operate on the world stage.  Trump appeared to take one position on immigration during his time in the country, only to articulate a vastly different policy when he returned to the United States.  In Bruen’s view, this will strain relations and undermine his credibility internationally.

Watch (in French) 

Bloomberg Radio Interviews GSR’s Brett Bruen on Obama’s Asia Trip

bloomberg-radio“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sought to mend fences after his expletive-laden tirade against Barack Obama prompted the U.S. president to cancel a one-on-one meeting in Laos. Bloomberg’s Bryan Curtis spoke with Brett Bruen, President at the Global Situation Room about the Obama meetings with ASEAN.”



GSR’s President Says President’s Visit to Laos Signals a Broader Trend in US-Asian Relations 

“Obama’s trip to Laos ‘sends a message about where the U.S. is gaining influence in the region,’ said Brett Bruen, president of the Global Situation Room consulting firm. ‘While it may be a small country, it also can be an indicator of how the U.S. is hopefully on a trajectory to strengthen its relations not only with Laos but with the region more broadly.'”  Read more

E3: GSR Pioneers Powerful Platform for Entrepreneurs to Grow Global

Conference gathers +30 embassies, top entrepreneurs, & leading business groups; E3 heads next to Madrid…


It was a big day for small business.  More than thirty embassies, numerous top trade organizations, and leading international business experts were there to see them.  The Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3) at George Mason University (GMU) in Arlington, VA demonstrated there exists an incredibly strong demand to build better connections between small businesses and international markets.  Organized by the Global Situation Room, in partnership with Dell, Entrepreneurs Organization, and GMU, E3 attracted some of America’s leading authorities on entrepreneurship and trade.  Elizabeth Gore, named by People Magazine as one of the World’s 100 Most Extraordinary Women, delivered the conference keynote.  She called technology “the great equalizer for entrepreneurs,” especially for those looking to expand globally.  A point eBay’s Caitlin Brousseau concurred on.  Gallup’s Joe Daly revealed some of the latest trends shaping the global economy and E3 even offered a few exclusive insights for its 140 participants. Read more 

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